Alverno Fire Department

About The Alverno Fire Department

The Alverno Fire Department is a tri-township (Aloha/Benton/Grant Townships) covering an estimated 153 square miles in Cheboygan County, Michigan. Two fire stations are located in Benton Township, two in Grant Township and one in Aloha Township.

The fire department currently has 24 members with a command staff of one chief, one assistant chief, and five captains. The seven member fire board consists of two appointed officials from each township, and one private citizen from Benton Township. In 2023 the fire department responded to 78 emergency runs and attended 15 training days (total of 323 training hours).

Your fire department personnel and governing board continue to strive to improve fire protection for its residences through ongoing training, equipment upgrades and safety programs.

The department underwent an ISO’s Public Protection Classification in the fall of 2022. Any residents living within five road miles of one of the five fire stations have seen their classification maintain the seven rating. Anyone residing within this five mile radius should contact their insurance company and verify they have the correct distance to any one of the 5 fire stations. In some cases, the insurance company uses the main station in Benton Township for the distance calculation. If you live within 5 miles of one of the satellite stations, you may need to ensure your insurance agent is using the correct station for the calculation — there could be a decrease in insurance premiums if the insurance company is not using the proper station. Residences over five miles did not change.

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